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Commercial Planting Design

Katie offers planting plan design services to developers, architecture and engineering firms, and landscape architecture firms.

The process is best described as outsourcing. While your in-house employees best complete hardscape designs, softscape is something that can plug in after hardscapes are underway. Think of hardscape as the bones of the design and softscape as the planting design that brings it all to life! Send us your site plan, and we will produce detailed planting plan designs using AutoCAD and LandF/X software. If needed, we are highly experienced in meeting code compliance and can design with city approvals and code compliance in mind.

Looking for something even simpler? Katie Unicorn offers a streamlined design service for those professionals who need a high skill level for a minimal bespoke scope. For example, many buildings in urban environments do not have a huge planting scope but need specific, urban-appropriate species. If this sounds like something you need, or maybe you just need someone to answer questions, contact Katie Unicorn rather than a full-service landscape architecture firm.

With her 15+ years of experience as a Landscape Architect, Katie Unicorn is positioned to help you with regional, native planting palettes that serve even the most challenging conditions.

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