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Residential Planting Design

Sometimes all you desire is an update or refresh to your garden or landscape. With this service, Katie Unicorn will work one-on-one with you to determine your exact needs to produce a planting design that will grow with you.

Your vision is our vision.

We will closely examine your existing property to assess your landscape's site conditions and discuss what you are looking for.

We want to create a garden that brings your vision to life, is easy to maintain, and will grow into the future with you.

To start, we will create a comprehensive plan that includes the layout of plant beds with plant locations, specific planting selections, and a detailed plant schedule with plant quantities, sizes, and descriptions.

Katie Unicorn will help you determine installation costs and can help connect you with trusted local contractors to install the design and maintain it for the best success.

Katie is an expert in native and regionally appropriate plant species. Our planting designs utilize low maintenance and water-wise species and sustainable practices that promote biodiversity and attract pollinators to the garden.

This service is sometimes performed on camera to inspire and help inform others.

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