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Small Space Design & DIYs

Life is about the little things, and those small spaces we live in are no exception. They should be a celebration of ourselves, our lives, and an extension of who we are.

We help you transform a small area or nook in your home into a magical escape, a space that feels truly yours and reflects your style.

What is a small space?

It can be anything from a corner in your living room, to a tiny office, to a reading nook, a balcony, or a terrace. We live our everyday lives in small spaces, whether it’s in our house or office, or garden. When you think about it, even a large house is composed of many small spaces.


While we generally focus on spaces around 10' x 10', we won't hold it against you if you have an area slightly larger than that needing some Katie Unicorn love.

We focus on budget-friendly designs with an emphasis on DIY. Think of us as your DIY BFF.

Details are where you find the whimsy. We believe that every part of every design deserves attention.

The Katie Unicorn touch

You can work with Katie to transform your small space by booking a one-on-one consultation or with a more comprehensive hands-on, full-service design.


Suppose you just want an experienced sounding board, i.e., someone to ask questions about your space. In that case, Katie can do a one-on-one, one-hour virtual consultation with you to answer questions about your space and help guide your decisions and process.

One-hour virtual consultations will be $150/hour.

Full-service, hands-on design

You can work directly with Katie Unicorn in person if you want a more hands-on approach. After an initial on-site consultation, Katie will work with you to assess your space and needs.


We will help you hone your design style, create a mood board, and source the recommended décor items and furnishings to complete your vision and assist where needed.

An upfront deposit of $1,500 will be required. Our design fees do not include the cost of furnishings, décor, or materials.

We pride ourselves on sustainable, budget-friendly solutions using locally sourced items.

This service is nearly always performed on camera to inspire others to embark on DIY projects to transform their small spaces.

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